Bayside Community Association (BCA)

In 2017 a group of residents from across all areas of Bayside came together to form The Bayside Community Association (BCA) with the initial objective of celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Bayside Estate. In the following years we found a local community with a huge appetite for community engagement ready and willing to make Bayside a better place to live. We expanded our remit to a wide range of community activities which include annual community events, arts projects and turning unused spaces into communal biodiverse spaces for the enjoyment of all.

We see our group as representing the community by fostering productive and effective working relationships with our local stakeholders including Fingal County Council, local businesses, schools and community groups.

We fund our activities primarily through Council grants and local fundraising for specific projects, we do not have a community contribution and rely heavily on the generosity and support of our local businesses and stakeholders. In this way we achieved a phenomenal amount over the last few years and really focused on using what funds we have in the most impactful way we can.

Residents currently serving on BCA Management Committee

Anthony Duffy, Chairperson 2021-
Susan Glynn, Treasurer 2019-
Maria O’Brien, Secretary 2021-
Catherine Rose 2017-
Tony Quirke 2020-
Deirdre Miller 2020-
Lisa Westermann 2020-
Tom Donnellan 2020-
Daniel Alvarado 2021-
Alan McDermott 2021-
Co-option from Board of Directors of Bayside Community Centre